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Pilates is sub-maximal form of exercise that focuses on the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall core stability and posture which provides you with a more balanced and controlled whole body movement. It assists you in coordination, balance and control while improving your postural awareness and efficiency of movement. Pilates aims to promote functional stability through correct muscle activation and controlled movement. Instruction and facilitation encourages the correct sequence of muscle activation which prevents clients from “bracing” their abdominals and enables controlled activity and movement.

Movement dysfunction and pathology lie side by side. Pilates exercises focus on low level endurance training of the deep abdominal, hip girdle and shoulder stabilizers which then enable efficient controlled movement. It is a dynamic and functional form of exercise that is safe and effective whether you have chronic longstanding pain, or suffering from postnatal pain/ instability or require control and strength in your chosen sport.

At RT Clinical Massage you will be given one on one expert tuition, loose clothing and yourself is all you need to bring as all equipment is supplied.


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