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The main task of Sports Massage is to keep the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the best possible shape for performance. Using deep tissue massage and stretching techniques sports massage accomplishes this.

All athletes are different so its important to identify the needs. For example a footballer may have very tight hamstrings, a tennis player may have tennis elbow or a rotator cuff complaint.

Most athletes or active people will need a regular full body massage to keep the body maintained and prevent minor traumas which after time will develop into a sprain or strain. This can be as frequent as once a week or once a month.

Preparation and recovery are very important to an athletes performance and a massage before and/or after a performance can mean the difference between winning or losing and injury or prevention.

Your first Sports Massage appointment will consist of a full consultation and full body treatment to work out your needs (e.g. tight muscles, injuries) and requirements (e.g. general maintenance, pre and post event) taking 1 hour. Thereafter treatment will be booked in when seen most beneficial to you, duration and frequency of treatments will depend on your amount of exertion, size of area requiring treatment and injuries.

For every session please bring shorts, also if you are an athlete please bring your training schedule and event or match dates.

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